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R & D

We strongly believe that in our business it is extremely important to be dynamic and up to date, because change is the only constant in today’s world. The market is seeing tectonic shifts in the way the very foundation of manufacturing businesses function which is why we have a dedicated team of skilled personnel, who use their specialised knowledge for research and development of products. This team of innovative people work tirelessly on launching a new range of innovative products every six months. We exhibit the developed range in the exhibitions that we participate in and in turn expand our product base on the basis of customer feedback and response.

We aim to develop the infrastructure which will aid and abet us to becoming to most preferred choice of our customers and this can only be done if we incur lesser costs without diminishing our quality in any way and thus, we look into intricacies which exist within our production premises, such as the layout which reduces wastage in terms of transportation. We also recognise the fact that this is a labour intensive manufacturing line, but we have managed to install the latest technologies which act as a boon to our workforce, reducing effort and enhancing quality.

In line with our vision and mission, we employ disruptive technologies to not simply diversify our product range but enhance quality, reduce lead time and minimise wastage - in line with our motto of giving back to the society every step of the way and showing that we care.