About us
VAC commenced its business way back in 1990. Since its commencement it has never seen the growth graph in downward trend even a single year. We cater large clientele from almost all European countries, Middle East Asia, Japan, U.S.A, Canada, Australia & few from Latin America. Our total manpower strength consists of 160 young energetic labors and staffs. We are stockiest of all main dried flowers and can execute the orders even at a short notice. We are equipped with modern drying facility which enables us to work efficiently even during monsoon.

Edging out Competitors
1.  We are based in Kolkata which is a hub of dried flowers producing areas of India.
2.  90% of handmade items like Lata Balls, Cane Items, Shola Flowers, Coco Items are produced in near by villages of Kolkata hence we saw a      big amount in freight making us competitive in prices.
3.  Kolkata is a metropolitan city giving advantage in competitive buying of consumable like cartons poly, bleaching, chemical etc.
4.  We still have the cheapest labours compared to other parts of India.
5.  Kolkata has a sea port at a distance of only 60 km.

 We enjoy modern facilities of warehousing with proper steel racking system, keeping our stocks in most controlled manner with minimum of handling losses our total covered work area including warehouses, comes to 12000 sqft.

Everyone speak about best quality. We say that we too produce good quality. Dried flower is very sensitive & delicate business and it is only possible to produce good quality by learning from your bad experiences and not repeating them in Future. We are proud to say that our team is the key our success. Truly hardworking sincere & honest towa4ds the company dedicated for the companies regular growth. Every group of 10 labors is controlled by a senior labor responsible for quality control. Our all consumable are checked in our in-house laboratory. Our ISO 9002 certification is in process.

 We produce barcodes as per our customers’ requirements. We have regular checking systems of barcode work is in progress.

Research & Development
 We have dedicated team of specialized peoples working continuously for developing new ideas almost everyday.

Judge us
 We put our customers next to God and treat them as a best judge. We are confident enough that once you visit us, we will make you our regular client. Give us an opportunity to serve you with our catalogue ranging more than 500 varieties. Our catalogue will speak about our worthiness.
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